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Welcome to Costamare Maritime Training Services website.


"High Standards in Maritime Training"


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High Voltage Course

A new one-day course for engineers is now available in CMTS SA. “High Voltage” – and some of the main topics are the following...

Collision Avoidance

Our training centre is in the delightful position to introduce the new course. Core of this particular course is the improvement of Safe Navigational Watch and Collision Avoidance...

CMTS S.A. proudly introduces 2 new courses

Costamare Maritime Training Services S.A, keeping up with the constant developments in the Maritime sector and safe Navigation, proudly introduces the two (2) new courses that is...

Third Party Navigational Audits

CMTS is a training Centre widely known for its high quality services in the maritime sector. Our trained and experienced staff is now qualified to conduct third party navigational audits on board ships...


CMTS S.A. is in the pleasant position to announce that the newly launched “Leadership and Team-work” IMO Model Course 1.39 is now certified by DNV – Germanischer Lloyds...


CMTS S.A. proudly announces that the newly launched “SAR On-Scene Coordinator” IMO Model Course 3.15 is now certified by DNV – Germanischer Lloyds. 

Our training centre is in the delightful position to announce that our two newly launched courses “SAR On-Scene Coordinator IMO Model Course 3.15” and “Leadership and Teamwork IMO Model Course 1.39” are officially approved...

CMTS S.A. proudly introduces the “Leadership and Team-working” IMO Model Course 1.39.

The Course is mandatory as per STCW Table A-II/2 (2010 Manila Amendments) and has been endorsed by the Administrations of Malta, Liberia and the Marshall Islands...

CMTS S.A. is pleased to introduce “SAR ON–SCENE COORDINATOR (IAMSAR Manual, Vol. III)” IMO Model Course 3.15...

Costamare Maritime Training Centre introduces the newly launched three-day course “Ships Dedicated Handling“, specifically designed for Captains and Management level Officers...

On the 30th of January 2014 the Ice Navigation course  was accredited by DNV – Germanischer Lloyds...

Costamare Training is proud to announce that on 04/09/2013 our BTM IMO 1.22  course was accredited by the Authority for Transport in Malta.