Collaboration with Wartsila

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CMTS S.A. proudly announces a new collaboration with Wartsila and the use of advanced Cloud Simulation solution developed by the technology of Wartsila Voyage. Navigational and engine room simulators are included in this online technology, enabling our Center to maintain the high quality standards in maritime training despite the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions imposed. “Making simulation available via the Cloud is a great additional capability for us, allowing us to provide even better service to seafarers. Distance learning courses are here to stay, and will make training more accessible and flexible to all. The Wartsila technology represents an important step forward in maritime training, which enhances both the safety and efficiency of ship operations”, commented Captain Velmachos Vasileios, Training Manager of CMTS S.A. With class-approved cloud-based simulation technology offered by Wartsila, our Training Center, certified with ISO 9001:2015, constantly improves its services and continues to cover the training needs of seafarers and shore-based personnel.