High Voltage Course

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A new one-day course for engineers is now available in CMTS SA.

 “High Voltage” – and some of the main topics are the following:


  • The hazards associated with high-voltage systems.
  • Basic arrangement of high-voltage system and their protective        devices
  • Safety procedures related to high-voltage systems
  • Immediate actions to be taken under fault conditions
  • The functional, operational and safety requirements for a marine high-voltage system.
  • Carry out maintenance and repair of high-voltage switchgear of various types.

The “High Voltage” course completes the already powerful training schedule for the engine crew with the “Engine-Room Simulator Based on IMO Model course 2.07” and the “Leadership and Team-work IMO Model Course 1.39”. All courses are supported by our State-of-the Art Engine Simulator.