Third Party Navigational Audits

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CMTS is a training Centre widely known for its high quality services in the maritime sector...

Our trained and experienced staff is now qualified to conduct third party navigational audits on board ships.

Presently and due to widely enforcement and implementation of the ECDIS requirements, focus is given into the following aspects via thorough investigation:

  1. ECDIS Alarm settings (Vector & Sector)
  2. Proper preparation of passage planning (XTL, No Go Areas, course plotting into the traffic separation zones (confined areas) and open seas).
  3. Ordering, updating, handling of e-charts and e-publications.
  4. Operation philosophy and daily routine while using the ECDIS
  5. Manual position fix of the vessel and manual corrections on the charts.
  6. The vital role of Safety depth, safety contour shallow contour and deep contour. Implications of incorrect values.

General bridge organization & operation, systems and equipment as a whole, the effective communication, crew interrelations etc. Apart from them, the conditions on the deck, steering gear, accommodation, the general appearance and behavior of the officers and crew are issues to be examined and evaluated, as well.