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Privacy Policy regarding the protection of personal data
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We thank you for visiting the website of Costamare Maritime Training Services S.A. (hereafter "Website") and assure you that the protection of your personal data is our utmost priority. 

The present Policy aims to provide you with information regarding the processing of your personal data via our website. For the protection of personal data of training participants please click here.

Useful definitions

For your better information, we use the following terms which are defined as set out below:

a) “Personal data”: is information relating to an individual. Data are considered personal, if the person they concern can be identified, directly or indirectly (i.e. either by mentioning the name, ID number, home address and other contact details (telephone number e-mails), IP address of the device used to “go” online, age, sex, external features, family situation, level of education, occupation, interests etc). The natural person to which the personal data refer is called “data subject”.

b) “Special categories of personal data” (or “sensitive data”): are data relating to the intimate sphere of the individual (e.g. health, religious believes, political views, trade union-related activities, racial origin, sex life).

c) “Data processing” is any activity involving personal data, irrespective of the means applied (i.e. automated or manual) such as the collection, filing, organisation, structure, storage, adjustment or alteration, retrieval, search of information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, limitation, deletion or destruction.

d) “Legislation”: the Greek and European legislation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/79 (GDPR).

e) “Data logs”: electronic files regarding movement on the website which are recorded on our server.

f) “Cookies": Small files of data in the form of a text which are stored on your electronic device (computer, mobile, tablet) when you visit the Website and which provide specific information regarding your movements on the website (See Information regarding cookies for details).


Data controller 

Data controller: The data controller according to art. 4 para. 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Lydia Ntamkarelou, 60 Zephyrou Str. & Syngrou Avenue, 175 64,  [email protected].

[You can contact the data controller at the following address [email protected] or at the postal address with the note “for the attention of the data controller”.


What data we process

Α) Data which are logged automatically on our server 


(1) Data logs

When you enter our Website we collect those persona data (data logs) which are transmitted to our server by your browser and specifically: 

- IP- Address.

- Date and time of your entry.

- Time difference with Greenwich Mean Time -  GMT.

- Content of the request (specific page).

- Statuscode-HTTP.

- Every quantity of data transmitted.

- Webpage, from which the request comes from. 

- Browser.

- Operating system and its surface.

- Language and edition of browser software. 


(2) Cookies

In addition to the above mentioned data, when you use the Website, cookies are stored on your device and transmit identification data in respect thereof to our server  i.e. a unique identification number is created .  

It should be noted that with the exception of “session cookies”, which are absolutely necessary for your unhindered access and use of our Website, all other cookies are stored on our server only provided that you have provided your consent and you activate them when you enter our website.


Β) Data which you enter

When you provide your e-mail address for the receipt of newsletters, when you communicate via e-mail or the communications form on our website, we store the data you provide (your e-mail, possibly your name and telephone number) in order to send you our newsletter or respond to your queries. In this context, when the storage is no longer necessary, we delete the data in question or we reduce their processing, in the event that there is no legal obligation to retain the data. 

You may ask us at any time to stop using your e-mail address and to refrain from any further newsletters/information/communication, by exercising the “right to object” as provided for by the relevant legislation.


Information regarding cookies

Τhe cookies used by our Website are set out in detail in the below table and are initially divided in: 

a) “Session cookies”, which are absolutely necessary for your unhindered access and use of our Website and cannot be deactivated. The “session cookies” are stored on the device which you use and transmit to our server data identifying your device i.e. a unique identification number is created. 

Only our Website can read the “session cookies”. Their aim is to make the browsing on the internet friendlier and overall more effective for the user. 

The “session cookies” are deleted when you go off-line or you close your browser.

Specifically, session cookies include the following information:

Unique –random- ID of the visitor of the Website. 

Time of first visit of the specific visitor on the Website.

Time of previous visit of the specific visitor.

Number of visits by the specific visitor.


b) "Optional Cookies" which we can use only provided that you give us your consent, that is only when you activate them through the relevant links which we provide you when you enter our Website. In any event you can deactivate the “Optional Cookies” at any time in the same manner. 

Further, “Optional Cookies” are divided into three separate categories which we set out in the below table:

i. "Optional Cookies" which make your visits on the Website easier.

ii. "Analysis Cookies" which allow us to see your preferences, to extract statistical data from all our visitors and as such to improve our Website. Specifically, our Website uses Google Analytics, an online analysis service by Google Inc. («Google»). The Google Analytics service uses “cookies”, which are stored on your electronic device and enable the analysis of your use of our Website.  The relevant data are not disclosed to third parties for promotional purposes, market research or commercial reasons in general. 


List of Cookies used*

  • Session Cookie in the front end (PHPSESSID) - Is deleted automatically when you go off-line.
  • Analysis Cookies: Google analytics (third party cookies) anonymized (_ga,_gat,_gid) - used for the collection of statistical data regarding the use of the Website. For more detailed information you may read the relevant privacy policy by Google.

    These cookies can be deactivated by downloading the available plug-in browser by following the below link Potential deactivation of the Analysis Cookies does not affect your browsing immediately, but restricts our ability to improve the Website.
  • Cookies that enhance user experience: 1) cookie that records and keeps user's text font size selection  (text_fontsize) for 365 and 2) cookiesDirective that deactivates the cookies consent pop up for 360 days.
    Potential deactivation of these Cookies does not affect your browsing immediately, but restricts our ability to enhance users' experience.

*All cookies can be deactivated from the user.


Purposes and legal basis for processing your data

1. The purpose for recording the IP address and for processing the data from the File Records and the Obligatory Cookie is the function of our Website as well as dealing with possible technical problems and protecting our Website from potential malicious or illegal use (e.g. via the record of IP addresses). The legal basis for the above processing is our legitimate interest to protect the security and integrity of our Website.

2. The processing of the data from the Optional Cookies aims at handling, analyzing and updating the Website through the extraction and analysis of statistical data which refer to the number of our visitors, the number of times each visitor visits us, their geographical origin, the language they prefer seeing on our Website, which pages they visit more often with a view to assess the user’s behavior (e.g. for the purpose of behavioral advertisment). The processing in question is based on your consent i.e. the activation of each cookie when you enter our Website, which you can withdraw at any time in the same manner, by deactivating the cookies you wish.


Links of third parties’ websites

The Website uses links to third parties’ websites which may perform further processing of the data of their visitors/users, use different cookies etc.  Costamare Maritime Training Services S.A. bears no responsibility regarding those websites and for any relevant matter you will have to contact the relevant owners.


Period of storage of the data

The IP address of your device (pc, mobile or tablet) which is stored automatically on our server when you enter our website is stored for three months from the time you enter the website and is deleted automatically thereafter. 

The Session-Cookies are deleted when you go off-line or you close your browser. As regards “optional” cookies, those are stored for the period of time mentioned in the above Table («Table of cookies which we use»). 

Data which you provide us when you contact us via e-mail or through the communications form of the website (your e-mail, possibly your name and telephone number), are stored for as long as necessary, in order for us to respond to your queries and if the storage is no longer necessary, we delete the data or reduce their processing, provided that we are not obliged to retain the data by law.

In the event of a claim is lodged (in or out-of-court), the data will be retained until the final resolution of the claims or until they become time-barred. 


Your rights and how you can exercise them

You can at any time exercise the following rights which are provided for by the GDPR: 

1) Right to know which -if any- of your personal data are being processed via our platform and in which way, right to obtain copies of these data, as well as any other information regarding the processing (“right of information and access”).

2) Right to rectification i.e. right to request correction and/or completion of incorrect or incomplete data (for example if you change your e-mail address you request that we substitute it with the new address). 

3) Right to request data erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) and /or right to restriction of processing, if it is no longer necessary or if it is not done in line with the law or if the deletion is obligatory by law.

4) Right to restrict processing, i.e. right to request that the processing is restricted for such time as your request for correction οr deletion is pending.

5) Right to data portability, that is, the right to ask to receive your data in readable electronic format and request transmission of those data by us to third parties which you will indicate (for those data where the legal basis for the processing we perform is a contract, the law and consent).

6) Right to object to the processing of your personal data.


In order to exercise your above rights as well as for any communication regarding your personal data, you can contact us via e-mail at the following address [email protected]. You can submit any query or comment in the same manner.

Additionally, should you feel that your personal data are in any way compromised, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifissias Av., 11523 Athens, 210 6475600, [email protected]). 



Prior to any potential change of processing of personal data via the Website, we will amend the present Policy accordingly and will display it in order for you to receive the relevant information and be able to exercise your rights effectively.